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Model:IPO-RO-50      Item No: Q12D

Model:IPO-RO-75      Item No: Q12D

Model:IPO-RO-100     Item No: Q12D


  • Input Voltage 100-220V
  • Rated Power 830W
  • Environmental Temperature 4~40℃
  • Input Water Temperature 5~38℃
  • Pump Type 50G/75G/100G
  • RO Membrance Type 50G/75G/100G
  • Heated Water Temperature ≥90℃
  • Iced Water Temperature ≤13℃
  • Tank Capacity 7L
  • Outlet Water Pure water, drink directly
  • Pore diameter 0.0001 μm
  • Input Water Pressure 0.1~0.4MPa
  • Water Output Everyday 187-387L
  • Input water requires municipal water
  • Filter system 5-stage RO system filter
  • Filter includes PP carton+Carbon+PP carton+RO membrance+Carbon
  • Other funcation Ozone Sterilization

Product Introduction

Use american style shell, sturdy and durable, could be used more than 10 years

Reverse osmosis techlody, with 0.0001um pore diameter, could easily filter the sediment, rust, heavy metal ion, bacterium, collastromin, larger molecular organics etc.

Use life of filter is long, economical

5-stage RO filter, could purify biter and salty water, high-hardness water, and water with fluorine, Pb, Mn and other toxic elements etc

Could produce 187~387L purified water everyday, could be consumed by 5~7 people to drink, cook etc.

High quality pump, with low noise & vibration, more than 10years use life.

Wall-mounted design, automatic flushing to ensure the quality of purified water.

Machine will stop automatically itself when no water goes in or water if full to protect . 

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